I'm Julia. I'm a freelance creative director, illustrator and animator living in Toronto. I'm also a mama to two rascally boys and wife to one rascal of a man.


Minimees was born one December afternoon in 2017, while trapped under my sleeping 5-month-old baby.  Thinking about my 4-year-old, and how fast it all goes by, I wanted a way to preserve this time that went beyond photographs. Something to celebrate the beautiful simplicity of early childhood, and a keepsake to hand down to my children when they grow up, too.

I started sketching. I stole my friends' photos and sketched them too. And before I knew it, I was inundated with orders and received message after message of the most fulfilling, rewarding feedback. 

It is an honour to be trusted with these portraits and I am beyond thrilled that they bring others so much joy.

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